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what’s this life for

1. put your itunes/ipod, windows media player etc on shuffle
2. for each question, press the next button, and the title of that song is your answer.
3. you must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds
4. put any comments in [brackets] after the song name.


(mai mult…)

If my life were a movie …

…what soundtrack it had ?

Opening credits –- Enya – Boadicea

Waking up –- Graveworm – Out of Clouds

First day at school –- Bowling for Soup – Highschool never stops

Falling in love –- ATB – In love with the DJ / Bon Jovi ft Leann Rhimes – ‘Til we ain’t strangers anymore/ Celine Dion – Sous les vent/ Lara Fabian – Je t’aime

Fight song –- Disturbed -Bound

Breaking up –-Creed – What’s this life for ?/Bon Jovi – Thank you for loving me/ One Republic – Come home/ ATB – Let u go

Prom –- ATB – Collides with Beauty/Linkin Park – Numb/Gregorian – Voyage, voyage

Life –- Natalie Merchant – My skin / Bon Jovi – It’s my life

Mental Breakdown –- Enigma-Why! …/ Sonata Arctica- Replica

Driving –- 666 – I am your nightmare/ Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance/ Scooter – Logical Song, Ai shot the DJ

Flashback –-Epica – Chasing the dragon/ 3 days grace – Never to late

Wedding –- Nightwish – Meadows of Heaven

Final battle –- Rotting Christ-Nemecic [also known as ‘gaia tellus’]

Death scene –- Seether ft Amy Lee – Broken

Funeral song –- Tarja Turunen – Oasis

End credits –- Black Hawk Down OST – Gortoz a ran

multe piese ar trebui sa fie 🙂 .