"Ce mai faci tu, cel mai iubit dintre pământeni?"

Urban dictionary stuff

Răspunzi la întrebările de mai jos tastându-le aici. Ta-dam. Let’s see :D.

1.)What’s your name?

A very nice sexy girl that will love you no matter wat 🙂 she doesnt have many friends but she stays strong. She tends to get put down and hurt easily by so many people but she doesnt let that phase her. She will be happy most of the time and easily knows how to put a smile on your face when you are down. She is very funny and very clumbsy haha she just can make your day. She knows how to please the man she with she can grant all your wishes all you gotta do is ask 😉 haha She will have your back no matter what. she cares for everybody so she got chu.

2.)Your age?

When you have more responsibility than at 16, but without all the fun of 18.

3.)One of your friends?

A Lili is one of the cutest, sweetest, deepest, craziest girls out there. She’s a one of a kind catch and is always there for you. She gives some of the best advice and is one of the best writers. A Lili can make anyone smile or laugh at anytime of the day. Hold on to a Lili if you have one!!!!

(am, am:x)

4.)What should you be doing?

a mystical kind of magic which sends u to an alternate plane of existence in which the magical gremlins give u pro plus

6.)Birth place

Transylvania forms the western and central parts of Romania. Comes from latin „trans” meaning across and „silva” meaning forest. So it literally translates to „the land across the forest”.

7.)Birth Month

A wonderful month when the air smells sweet and the weather is perfect for the girls where to tight little sweaters that show off their curves.

8.)Last person you talked to?

1. Used to describe a scene in a fanfiction that could be considered an ‘awww’ moment. 2. An overused name for cats with a lot of soft fur.

9.)One of your nicknames?

Nickname for Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris.

Tare! :))

6 responses

  1. Ma simt nespus de onorata :X:X:X:X Mai ales ca am avut ocazia sa te cunosc si sa iti fiu prietena:*.
    Ca sa iti fiu alaturi la bine si rau greu sau usor…..
    Pt asa is facuti prietenii speciali nu :*:*:*:*:*:*:*
    Bff mufo:^:^:^:^:^:^^:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:X:X:X:X!!!!!

    Sper sa prinem cuvinte si zile frumaose:X:X:X:Xsi mii de zambete impreuna:*:*:**:

    august 5, 2010 la 21:21

  2. prindem*

    august 5, 2010 la 21:22

  3. gabriel

    probabil unele persoane nu ma cunosc…dar vreau si eu sa adaug un comentariu
    uite,mai jos o sa las unele randuri pe care eu le-am inventat…fiind stupide acum pt mine,in fine:D
    let see how is thinking this boy!?[…]
    1.Eu sunt totul si nici unul nu este nimic
    2.Eu sunt totul si nimic
    3.Eu dau totul si nimeni nimic
    4.Totul meu in comparatie cu nimicul tuturor
    5.Eu sunt o greseala si restul sunt perfectiuni
    6.Restul lumii este jumatatea mea
    7.Eu sunt mic dar restul lumii este si mai mica
    8.A inceput cu lumea si se va termina cu mine

    9.Lumea este de doua ori mai rea si de doua ori mai buna cu ea mereu langa ei (shadow)
    10.Iubirea e mai mare si decat nemurirea
    11.Cine nu iubeste si nu a fost iubit traieste vesnic
    12.Viata e scurta cand iubesti
    13.Toti suntem originali si gresiti
    14.Tacerea este cea ce multi nu o au
    15.Sa simpti,sa auzi,sa vezi,nu sunt minuni in comparatie cu ce gandesti
    16.Cuvantul muzica acum e suflet.

    idei pur originale by gabriel

    my ID of messenger:gaby7theprince

    bye all

    august 20, 2010 la 23:46

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