"Ce mai faci tu, cel mai iubit dintre pământeni?"

If my life were a movie …

…what soundtrack it had ?

Opening credits –- Enya – Boadicea

Waking up –- Graveworm – Out of Clouds

First day at school –- Bowling for Soup – Highschool never stops

Falling in love –- ATB – In love with the DJ / Bon Jovi ft Leann Rhimes – ‘Til we ain’t strangers anymore/ Celine Dion – Sous les vent/ Lara Fabian – Je t’aime

Fight song –- Disturbed -Bound

Breaking up –-Creed – What’s this life for ?/Bon Jovi – Thank you for loving me/ One Republic – Come home/ ATB – Let u go

Prom –- ATB – Collides with Beauty/Linkin Park – Numb/Gregorian – Voyage, voyage

Life –- Natalie Merchant – My skin / Bon Jovi – It’s my life

Mental Breakdown –- Enigma-Why! …/ Sonata Arctica- Replica

Driving –- 666 – I am your nightmare/ Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance/ Scooter – Logical Song, Ai shot the DJ

Flashback –-Epica – Chasing the dragon/ 3 days grace – Never to late

Wedding –- Nightwish – Meadows of Heaven

Final battle –- Rotting Christ-Nemecic [also known as ‘gaia tellus’]

Death scene –- Seether ft Amy Lee – Broken

Funeral song –- Tarja Turunen – Oasis

End credits –- Black Hawk Down OST – Gortoz a ran

multe piese ar trebui sa fie 🙂 .

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